Journal Ramble

Self Discovery

   This is our opinion on who we’ve become. I know am constantly talking about self discovery but its absolutely necessary its a major ingredient in growing up and that’s we’re all doing.

      In life were all on a journey of self discovery were we’re constantly finding and re-finding who we say we are.

       We all have a personality that has been shaped as a result of time and it continues in the life long process which ensures that we keep surprising ourselves with things we’re capable and incapable of doing, committing to or even living for.

         The road to discovering ourselves is long and tedious as it takes a life time to know what someone is truly made of. It may seem long but the end is worth it.

         Discovering ourselves is a beautiful experience were we become both the teacher and the student. A life time becomes something small that we can’t get enough of.

9 thoughts on “Journal Ramble

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