I’m Back

I’m not sure if anyone follows or anticipates my blog posts, if you do you’ll know I’ve been away for a while and I’ll just like to say it’s been somewhat truly the beginning of my own journey of self discovery and especially acceptance. These are really big topics for me and I’ve learnt that in all this time I’ve come to learn way more about myself and my passions than I knew before. I just wanna start by first of all encouraging everyone else by hoping you can get into a situation that changes how you view the world, for me it was moving to somewhere new and starting university and getting to meet an amazing set of people who even though they struggle too can still help you build up yourself and also your mind.

Hey guys this post is beginning to feel like a journal😂 at the time I wrote the post above I was in such a great place both mentally and physically while completely immersed in the happiness I see as a reoccurring topic in my writing. I’d like to say that where life takes you is ever changing and it’s easy to preach happiness to others but finding it isn’t always easy. I have long since descend from that happy place to a harsher reality what I want people to know is that, that’s not the end and no matter where you see your self there’s always room for something, but that’s up to you to choose. These days I struggle with this choice and that’s normal and very human I just want to wish everyone good luck on our self discovery to the deepest recesses of our hearts and to the communion with our souls.


If you asked me I wouldn’t know

Because I’ve never understood 

If I examine deeply I wouldn’t know

Because I’ve never understood 

If I look within I wouldn’t know

Because I’ve never understood 

If I beg myself to feel 

Surely that’s a waste of time 


Love they say comes in unexpected ways

So even if I search surely I wouldn’t find 

I know this because all I do is search 

But I never find.

When the moment seizes you

Am quite alright with seizing the moment and all but I’ve been wondering who feels when the moment seizes them; I for one do.

     There you are, everyone’s telling you come on live a little ;), come with us you’ll have fun seize the moment while it last😁. But you’re hesistating and you know its a decision only you can make😥(trust me don’t go around allowing people make decisions for you, allow your regrets be on your head; its easier that way:D) as you make up your mind to go with it **stop just pause** this my friends,is the moment am talking about that moment that decides it all for you just that short time before you choose to seize the moment those few seconds no matter how small; in that time the moment seizes you complete so much so that you seize it right back.

      Moments were meant to be seized and seizing them is caused by the moments themselves😄. Open your heart and let it be seized💛.

Perks of being Fearless

         We are fearless not because life doesn’t scare us but because we’ve learnt to be stronger than that fear that cripples ,that holds us back from our dreams, that tells us what we can and can’t do; only we can tell ourselves that.

       We are fearless because it may not be easy but we still keep moving forward despite the obstacles. I tell people; love your body and what you do but in my darkest moments I feel the tears or the doubt. It doesn’t mean am a hypocrite, it just means am human. I believe every single word I say and even my state of mind can’t change that.

         Our greatest desires await us and we may stumble or fall but nothing no fear, no hate should hold us back. We should think of all our achievement so far all the things that have brought us happiness, when you’ve counted all your blessing no matter how small, you know you have the strength to do it again; you have the strength to bring happiness to your soul. The things you’ve done before might have been small or near insignificant but that power (no matter how residual it is) that you used to pursue your happiness is waiting to be used again and it has no room for fear or hesitation.

       In my years I’ve experienced the crippling effects of fear too much not to understand how it stands in our way. The truth is it’s all in your head and only you can send it packing because if you give fear room it will most definitely consume you. It will pull you back from everything that sets your soul on fire. It will teach you a lesson that lasts a lifetime and in the end you’d be a shell of all you set out to be come.

    Raise and unlock you inner power today and march forward and fight of your fears both big and small then move onwards towards your happiness with no retreat nor surrender,conquer them all.

Journal Ramble

Self Discovery

   This is our opinion on who we’ve become. I know am constantly talking about self discovery but its absolutely necessary its a major ingredient in growing up and that’s we’re all doing.

      In life were all on a journey of self discovery were we’re constantly finding and re-finding who we say we are.

       We all have a personality that has been shaped as a result of time and it continues in the life long process which ensures that we keep surprising ourselves with things we’re capable and incapable of doing, committing to or even living for.

         The road to discovering ourselves is long and tedious as it takes a life time to know what someone is truly made of. It may seem long but the end is worth it.

         Discovering ourselves is a beautiful experience were we become both the teacher and the student. A life time becomes something small that we can’t get enough of.


 The eyes see what it cannot tell.                 A dept so deep words fall out of existence.                                                       The mind haunted with memories made just now.

When she sees there is nothing.              What it is, when it’s nothing.                        Everything sounds like something.            

If I breath the air, if I breath it deep.           Nothing sounds like what                               the mind sees.                                                   

They must see to know what they knows, who are we to know.                                          They with the mind that breath what we can not see.

Redefining isn’t discovering

The question is obviously, why?

   I could tell you how beautiful and wonderful you are forever but first you have to believe, if not it would just be a waste of  eveyones time. 

    Everyday we find ourselves over and over its a continuous project of self discovery. We don’t have to be bothered by what people think of us or what they want us to become because that’s not what matter, its how we see ourselves that matters.

       The truth is you’re not a drink company with new stickers, or even a new name that’s trying to beat competition. You’re a Human being and you must believe you’re original and beautiful , there’s no perfection in anyone’s so you’re wonderful the way you are.

     Finding ourselves is about adding to our already wonderful definition,  its easier to write a full paragraph then to repeat the first line over and over again. We all need to move forward and accept what we can from life and enjoy it rather than living it over and over trying to perfect it in hopes of impressing other people.

     Its not the same to find and redefine don’t let peoples opinion lead you down a dark path. As I have always thought its rather  better to lead yourself to sin than to be pressured by other people at least then you keep yourself. And there’s no one to blame but you which does a nice job at pointing you towards the light.

      It might seem like a concept that holds you back but it isn’t. Changing your style or physical things isn’t the harmful kind but its what goes on in our head that matters.If you’re changing your personality or whatever because of what people are saying or a sterotyped standard then you’re wrong.  

      You are the you,you were yesterday, today and will forever be, why change what’s already right. Our life and what we are and what we thing of ourselves is totally in our hands.


     OrĂ­ is a Yoruba word meaning destiny.

      Firstly, your destiny isn’t something for me to understand but a concept that has always interested me.I still don’t know why  people are born and why they die or understand the outcome of their lifes. I’m merely an observer with an opinion.

      Different people and cultures have different views on destiny and my use of OrĂ­  is mostly for my appreciation of the yourba view, in seeing it in two ways rather than just one.

       The yourbas believe that you have kind of a discussion with the almighty God and select the course of your life then at your birth your orĂ­ is sealed. The fact that your orĂ­ has been sealed at birth doesn’t stop you from influencing it because living a good life can change a bad orĂ­ and vise versa.

The destiny of a child would be the sole determinant of success…Most statements about individuals were punctuated with words that place emphasis on destiny- anyanmo,orĂ­, kadara – indicated the powerlture in the way they choose

Toyin Falola – a mouth sweeter than salt

            I see the concept of destiny as a healthy contradiction between control and lack of control. Our destinies are not created by us but are prepared for use but we are given the power to shape it. 

         Destiny no matter where its held is ours and it patiently waiting for us to pay attention. There are various untraceable twist and turns but when looked at carefully aren’t entirely our own doing but are part of a greater plan than what we can’t immediately see.

      Our destiny holds our fate. Our fate is inevitable. Whether we shape our destinies or not in the end is up to our individual beliefs and what we believe makes us part of who we are.

       People believe that our destiny is woven with that of others bringing seams together and tearing them apart only to make new stitches.I see this and understand because its obvious I am as much myself as the people I have meet and will meet shape me.

        In the end how we see things matter the most, am just a person in a world filled with so much ideas and concepts that I believe can be merged to form my thoughts. Destiny is to me what its not to you. It knows my end but tickles my fancy by giving me the reins.



       We should all know that dreams don’t   exist without the dreamers. The dreamers are people as old as time free to write the eventuality of their existence.The dreamers are you and I, we choose our dreams and aspirations and no one holds us back . Because our minds are free to imagine and create scenarios we want to happen.

      Dreams are part of everyday life but not all dreams see reality, as we are only given the power to wish and struggle but we have no power against the final outcome. 

       The dreams of some dreamers remain what it is,a mere dream while for other dreamers it becomes their reality.

       Which ever category you find yourself remember your power as a dreamer and dream hard because these scenario’s we play in our Head are the elements of our strength in achieving our dreams. 

        So then, what is a dream without a dreamer?    

         No dream can live without a dreamer, If you die within so does your dreams. We should be strong first within us because it is in us our dreams may die easily ,a weak mind is not an attribute of a dreamer but just a mere hopeless person.

       We should be strong both inside and outside because the struggle to achieve dreams happen both ways. 

        We live this  life so we can fulfill dreams knowing that there are very few things to make life worth living if not these dreams.

       Indeed what is a life without dreams or a dream without life or belief in itself(without the dreamer),Nothing.

Carpe Diem I 

         Carpe diem is Latin meaning seize the moment,make use of the day or pluck the day (as its ripe). To live in the moment is to enjoy life to the fullest. We have been granted so many moments as part of living our everyday lives but its what we do with them that matters and makes them moments worth seizing.    

           Living in the moment is absolutely the true way to go and sometimes as a person I look at a particular thing and am like now or never because these things only come once. Ignoring it means missing it forever. You don’t get a do over and even if you try to do it again that’s you creating a different moment not the one you ignored.

          In life we are granted but one opportunity to change everything and if we choose to seize the moment we actually don’t know the outcome. We are constantly on a road of self discovery and to live every moment to the fullest is what we can truly understand as we seek ourselves.

       Seizing the moment isn’t about forgetting the future but knowing eveything doesn’t go as you want and take up action awaiting what might be the eventual end. The end of the story is different for everyone and we all walk separate paths finding and loosing ourselves again. The truth is it’s a ruthless world and isn’t it better to look in happiness without fear of tomorrow than to sit and wait in self induced fear and shiver as tomorrow approaches.

           We hold our decision and choices in our hands but when we choose to live in the moment and not excessively worry about tomorrow but be happy in today we will then see this ruthless word in a little bit of beautiful and not always for what it is.

Carpet dieum, quam minimum credula postero – seize the day,put very little trust in tomorrow (the future) – Horace